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Lavera mineral eyeshadow in Shiny Taupe - REVIEW and SWATCHES!

Hi Fairy Girls....
Yes, the turn in natural products is a fact! I love to find pure natural products for daily use. And today I will show you natural make up! An eyeshadow from organic brand Lavera! (remember my previous post about Lavera? If not, click here)

Lavera's eyeshadow in a lovely shade, No9 – Shiny Taupe,  that matches most looks!

The package is simple black but luxurious! I loved the flowers and the logo, on the eyeshadow. I also found the little application brush easy to use for touch ups on the go!

The distinctive shimmering shade in a favorite Earth Brown captures the looks! Enriched with minerals such as magnesium, organic rice powder, nutritious organic oils such as argan oil and Sea-buckthorn oil and organic substances, has a pleasant flower density, which provides perfect coverage.
It is certified  Natrue και Vegan
It applies on the eye easily and it lasts about 3 hours without a primer and ... for ever with primer! :)

You can find it in here for the price of 10,20€. I guess it is a good price for a natural product!

Do you like the idea of using natural make-up products, Fairy Girls? 

Many kisses from natural Fairy {oo} Mary!

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  1. I love everything to do with this product the package the color the well it blend awesome.

  2. Τέλειο χρώμα! Από τα αγαπημένα μου για όλο το βλέφαρο! :)

    1. Συμφωνώ απολύτως, απαλό αλλά ταυτοχρονα πολύ όμορφο!

  3. Very sparkly! And that is a different applicator - pretty cool!


  4. Η συσκευασία, το χρώμα, όλα υπέροχα!

  5. Πολύ ωραίο χρώμα!και η συσκευασία πολύ κομψή!

  6. What a beautiful color! I love that it's natural :) The color reminds me of a combination of "Retrospec" and "Relaxing" from Mac.

    Just found your blog and I really like it :) I'm now following you through GFC and Bloglovin.

    xo Azu


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