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In Bloom - Beauty!

Hi Fairies.. 

You know how much I love to try new organic and natural beauties from all around the world! So my recent discovery is Pelle Beauty from Torondo, Canada! So, let's talk about two new face products called  Bloom!

Pelle's Beauty website says : "Bloom is a lush line containing skin nourishing ingredients such as plant based distillates, aloe and botanicals. Blooms all natural scent is simply breathtaking. Perfect for dehydrated skin types or whenever your skin is in need of a beautiful boost of hydration. Bloom will rejuvenate your complexion."
There are two products in the "Bloom" series! First comes the Bloom Foaming Cleanser!
It is mild with my skin and rough with dirt, oil and make up!
Bloom Foaming Cleanser is packed with Aloe, precious plant Distillates & Botanical extracts to deliver beautiful results.  Licorice, Helichrysum & Willow Bark extracts work to brighten & refine. Distillates of Neroli & Rose along with high amounts of aloe work to revitalize dehydrated complexions and provide the blissful scent of this cleanser.
 I use it one or two times per day, after work and before night skin care routine! The foam is gentle, it has a fresh smell and removes make up at once! I love the fact that contains Aloe and extracts for a brighter complexion! After washing it out my face is hydrate and comfortable even if I don't choose to moisturise it!
After washing we need some toning, and here it comes the second In Bloom product! Bloom Beauty Mist!
It has almost the same ingredients with the foaming cleanser and with one spritz I am instantly feeling calm and happy! Bloom Beauty Mist will lock in moisture leaving your face fresh and hydrated.
Bloom Beauty Mist is a multitasking beauty product. "You can use it after cleansing to tone and hydrate your skin. It can also be used to set your makeup for the day. A great item to take along in your purse or to have by your desk for whenever a little hydration boost is needed. Bloom Beauty Mist works beautifully with our facial oil blends." And this is all true..... I am going to show you one of the famous oil blends soon!
In a nutshell: I loved the foam cleanser because I need only a pump  to cleanse (really good) my entire face, and after using both products the last month I can see my skin looks healthier and the pores are really smaller! Try them and you will end up with a velvet-smooth, fresh skin!
In Bloom beauties are made for all skin-types and sulfate-free .   
You can visit Pelle Beauty in their website/e-shop and Facebook Page!  And of course they deliver worldwide!

What do you think about Blooms Fairy Girls?

Many kisses from Fairy {oo}  Mary!

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  1. Είδες αγάπη τι πάω και ανακαλύπτω??Φοβερά προιόντα έτσι??

    1. Μα μυρίζουν τόσο όμορφα, και είναι τόσο απαλά με το δέρμα μου!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Πολύ ενδιαφέρον post!

  3. Νομίζω πως πρέπει να τα ψάξω και εγώ, φαίνονται ωραία

  4. I love reading abt new brands on ur blog.. thanks fr sharing.. hv a great day xo


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