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Please Hug My Hair!

Hello Fairies.....

In the summer our hair could be dry or a kind of damaged because of the hot sun and sea! I found out a girl, Dalilah, that makes beautiful stuff for our hair to prevent or restore damage! Hug my Hair is made especially for very "difficult" hair, as super curly hair, or extra dry! She makes hair products with 100% natural ingredients that can simply transform your hair! I was honored to try both of them!

She is saying about her work: "Hug My Hair is a UK based company. We lovingly handmade our products using ingredients from nature, our staple ingredient being organic, Fair trade and unrefined Shea butter. Our products have been proven to lock in moisture, promote hair growth and make curly, kinky and coily hair shine. This is because scientifically, these hair types are dryer in nature. Hugging your hair will strengthen and nourish your strands from root to tip without weighing fine hair down. Although created with Type 4 hair in mind, Hug My Hair benefits all hair types if used appropriately."
Find your Hug my Hair Type from here!
My hair are fine with oily roots and normal ends and as I said I tried two products.  
First  I tried the Because Olive You!
It is a hair butter,made from olive oil and it has a light texture! It contains Shea butter, Olive oil, Coconut Oil , lavender oil, peppermint oil and a lots of love! You can use it on damp clean hair if you have dry hair, or as a treatment before washing! I am using both methods! 

Tip: If you put a pea size of butter on your hair before going to the beach you'll have them protected until get back and wash them!

It comes in a round tin of 100 ml and you can order it here! It costs around 13€ 
The second Hug my Hair product I have tried out, was the Seal n' Shine Multi-seed Hair Oil.
"Soak your hair and scalp in the luxurious benefits of hemp, broccoli, jojoba and grape seed oils with Vitamin E. Whilst the broccoli & jojoba work together to soften and add outstanding shine, the hemp allows for absorbancy and brings your scalp the benefits of Omegas 3&6. The calming essential oil blend includes lemon, lavender and cedarwood which all work to promote growth where hair follicles are not already permanently damaged."  Yes your hair will grow faster and healthier with this multi-oil! What more to ask? You can use it in every way you like! In damp hair, in dry hair, as a treatment, as an end moisturizing, etc.

You can check and buy the Seal n' Shine oil from here for almost 10€ for 100ml of oil!
Hug my Hair delivers Worldwide and if you try them you'll never can live without them! It transforms and hug your hair with love!
You can also find Hug my Hair on Facebook from here!

What do you thing about Hug my Hair, Fairies??? Did you find them interesting?

Many kisses from sunny Fairy {oo} Mary!
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